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Experiencing wildlife is a Privilege, and not a Right.

CAM-O-COAT as an idea is curated by a wildlife enthusiast and photographer because of his zest and love for travel, wildlife, nature, adventure and birds in particular.

Our products are manufactured with keen attention to details followed by precision in finishing. Most of our products being waterproof, are user friendly and extremely durable.

The Cam-O-Coat creator believes that it is important to surrender oneself completely to the beautiful fauna by camouflaging as much as possible to capture breath-taking & beautiful frames. All of the products are designed keeping in mind the same ideology while catering to the needs of a photographer.

We urge you to enjoy responsibly because the beauty of photography lies in enjoying the balance, harmony, order and rhythm of the nature while trying to capture some untold stories of the wild.

All the products are proudly made in India and completely manufactured by Cam-O-Coat.


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